The Australian

You brought me sunshine and spaces
and snakes and spiders, sharks and sex,
and succulent steak sandwiches,
and Sarsaperilla and that’s where I drew the line.
Seared earth of sandy colors of reddish brown,
scorched Irish skin to dislocated freckles.
but it was fun.
You brought me bone-numbing cold in
doped-out Amsterdam where they counted
the pennies twice and thrice and could
not understand wildness of the spirit but
only of the flesh.
But it was an experience.
You brought me my Georgian dream
in the Dublin attic of gold and windows
and setting sunlight and open fireplace
with luscious bed and bad plumbing and
bad neighbours.
But it was elegant.
You brought me laughter and tears, frustration,
anger and love and Mr Reacher and silent
nights in the rain forest.
But it was worth it.
But most of all you brought me freedom
for all time. 
G’day mate.



(c) 2013 Iseult Healy

All rights reserved