Can you feel me as I lie here in this black ink… I know you see me

I know you feel the things I say but can you feel me?


I am lost in this word-world of black and brown and blue symbols of life

Always just the glance of your eyes on my presence…


Touch me.

Touch me now.

See how I feel… lost in this world of curvings and carvings,

rolls and straights, foreign and home.


Can you see me?  Here I am, right here.  As you read

and feel and understand or not, I am here.


If what I am means anything to you

then touch me

let me know you feel it too

tell me you understand.


Free me.

Free me now.


I do not want to be lost forever in symbols

I want to be new, to be alive and to live.


I will rise up from this black ink and take a form

that will find you and celebrate our

togetherness for you alone

could touch me.




(c) 2013 Iseult Healy

All rights reserved