Mere Man

I walked once in the wildnesses of others

Their drifting crazinesses of unsupportable insanities

That I mistook for fun, adventure and life’s fabric

Little knowing they would anchor me to their

Revolving door of fecundity.


The shackles of sex and seed need to be shattered

And scattered in smithereens amidst the debris

Of mankind’s bones in the dust of the world he

Once inhabited. A mere mental pigmy, it was never

His creation, just his graveyard.


I walk with the gods, neither Greek nor Roman –

Too young – they cannot understand the true totality

Of power unleashed amid an ocean of space sparkled

With diamond thoughts, moons of emotion and

Galaxies of powdered dust.


None shall stop me for none can.  Nor will

I stop them.  We shall swim in instant spaces

And frolic in sky waters 'till satiated and

Pretending memory, forget, 'till once again

The bell sounds and the sensations start to

Build and balls of beauty are hurtled through

The eons to hit their target amidst the unknowing

Souls of some strange place for us to conquer

And be winners and wanderers in search again

For what we are. 


By Iseult Healy