Leave my Soul Alone

Leave my soul alone
It is my pension, my pot of gold
My war chest and photo album
My validation and certification of
A life lived.

Your inky pinky piggy fingers
Lifted not once to help me in my quest.
Instead you poked and probed until
I cried enough, take all I own, yes
Even the house, the car and my jewels
To feed your ceaseless churning moil
Of never-arrived at satisfaction or gratification.
Leave my soul alone.
Take my cells, my thoughts, my quivering brain
Pull my nails, burn my feet, whip my back
But you will not find it for it's hidden from you. 
Leave my soul alone
Lest it awakens truly and devours you, body, soul
And planet, makes porridge of your viscous
Space, adds a sprinkle of sordid salt, political paste
And toasts it to a credit-card crisp and munches you
Like all the meat you are.
Find your soul
And I will leave your soul alone.


by Iseult Healy