I Am Listening Still

Did I have hope of resistance
to your persistent talk of love
and admiration,
your glancing eyes of appreciation
when I looked away?
Could I have rejected
the soul flowers you sent me
through the night to
pin me to your side
in your warmth.
Had I not yielded and
folded and flowed
in return,
what I would have missed…
... your adoration of my lips
your devouring of my skin,
persistence in pleasuring
me till I cannot even whisper
you to cease.
Your kisses so light and then intense,
filled with furious longing
to be where I am and I where you are.
I had not thought to travel
the road of love yet again this life
but you bade me be still and listen
while you told your story of
desire and poetry.
I am listening still.




(c) 2013 Iseult Healy

All rights reserved